Discovering Jewelry Design

Sometimes you have to lose something to realize it's true value.

One day all my jewelry "disappeared", and suddenly I was overwhelmed with how much each piece meant to me, the story it told, the memories of the times they marked. Some I had bought for myself, when I was feeling bold and deserving, but most had been gifts from loved ones, past and present. My Nicaraguan grandmother's religious jewelry was probably what I missed the most, although not being the best Catholic, I'd rarely had the nerve to wear them. 

Quickly, lemonade was made from this big lemon. Overcome with the need to make my own pieces, I immediately began full time metal smithing classes in Tribeca, and found what I'd always been looking for! With past careers as a lawyer, and human rights activist , I'd always yearned to make, to create with my own hands. I'd dabbled in photography, painting, and beading, but in jewelry design and more specifically in wax model making, I get lost for hours, days, weeks on projects, filing away at my jeweler’s bench, oblivious to the world, it's a passion, a lifestyle, most definitely not a job. 

I continue to hone my skills with the wonderfully talented Master Jeweler and designer Boris Goynatsky of BG Art, in the magically absurd land of New York City's Diamond District. 

So whomever helped themselves to my little treasures, well, have a good life, whatever... In this case, it really did happen for a reason.