The Maya Collection for Nepal

Nepal has a special place in my heart. The 2 years I spent in Kathmandu were fascinating and very fulfilling. This is my little labor of love, a capsule collection named after my eldest daughter Maya, seen here greeting Nepalese children, many years ago in Kathmandu. Above, the Nepal Rising Sun and Nepal Sun cord bracelets, $30 a piece, 100% of which supports earthquake relief efforts in Nepal.
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Discovering Jewelry Design

Sometimes you have to lose something to realize it's true value. One day all my jewelry "disappeared", and suddenly I was overwhelmed with how much each piece meant to me, the story it told, the memories of the times they marked. Some I had bought for myself, when I was feeling bold and deserving, but most had been gifts from loved ones, past and present. My Nicaraguan grandmother's religious jewelry was probably what I missed the most, although not being the best Catholic, I'd rarely had the nerve to wear them.  Quickly, lemonade was made from this big lemon. Overcome...

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