Patricia Rios Detiger discovered metal smithing after a burglar took off with all her jewelry. Still reeling from this loss, her Nicaraguan grandmother’s religious jewelry was irreplaceable, she stumbled upon a metal smithing school in Tribeca, New York, and thus began her jewelry making journey.

Each piece begins as a block of wax. Sometimes the wax carving is an organic process and results in sculptural pieces, with primitive shapes that hark back to her Latin American heritage, and a clean simplicity which aligns with her modernist streak. Other times, it’s her fascination with the figurative that guides her designs of tigers, snakes, skulls, the human figure and it’s body parts. 

Having lived in Uruguay, Argentina, Nepal, and Tanzania, the US, and travelled extensively around the world, she is deeply influenced by tribal, native, and ethnic ornamentation. Exploring reinterpretations of these references is an endless source of inspiration.

The common thread is low key luxury - always using high quality, noble materials and exclusively natural, untreated stones to create modern fine jewelry. 

Patricia moved to Amsterdam in mid 2020, after 20 years living in New York City. While she sorely misses New York’s Diamond District, with it’s vast resources, close knit community, and highly skilled artisans, adapting to Amsterdam is a challenge that keeps her on her toes, and soaking up new influences.

To view her work by appointment please email: detiger212@gmail.com